Broadband Service: 410-202-8878 | Satellite Service: 866-549-3544

Broadband Service: 410-202-8878 | Satellite Service: 866-549-3544



Broadband internet from BMB is available nationwide and is perfect for connecting the whole family. Whether it’s for work and school or streaming movies and playing games, broadband internet offers a reliable connection at top speeds.

Consistent Speeds

Even at peak hours, you can expect to stay connected and avoid interruptions.1


With 99% proven reliability, broadband internet means you don’t have to worry.2

No Commitment

No annual contract and no long-term commitment.

Customer Preferred

Broadband internet has consistently outperformed cable internet solutions with customer satisfaction.

1 Based on wired connection to gateway
2 Based on network availability and excludes DSL

Why Video


Optimal for rural areas, satellite internet from BMB and Hughesnet includes fast speeds, no hard data limits, and a video data saver that automatically adjusts data rates for video streaming. With a top-of-the-line, built-in Wi-Fi modem included in every plan and the option for Hughesnet Voice – a quality calling feature optimized to work with your satellite connection that won’t use up your data – getting connected has never been easier.

Choose A Satellite Plan That Works For You

10 GB / Month

  • 140 Hours Streaming Audio/Radio
  • 15 Hours DVD-quality Video Streaming
  • 15 Hours DVD-quality Video Streaming
  • 5,000 Pages Web Browsing
  • 30 Hours Social Media

20 GB / Month

  • 280 Hours Streaming Audio/Radio
  • 30 Hours DVD-quality Video Streaming
  • 10 Hours HD-quality Video Streaming
  • 10,000 Pages Web Browsing
  • 60 Hours Social Media

30 GB / Month

  • 420 Hours Streaming Audio/Radio
  • 45 Hours DVD-quality Video Streaming
  • 15 Hours HD-quality Video Streaming
  • 15,000 Pages Web Browsing
  • 90 Hours Social Media

50 GB / Month

  • 720 Hours Streaming Audio/Radio
  • 75 Hours DVD-quality Video Streaming
  • 25 Hours HD-quality Video Streaming
  • 25,000 Pages Web Browsing
  • 150 Hours Social Media